Gum trees and counting sheep



My pet calf Lotus! AWWWW


Hello all,


I had meant to write a blog post a long time ago (and did, it was really long) but never managed to update as we didn’t have easy internet access.


We have officially been here for nearly 2-3 months. We will be leaving pretty soon after which point I will be heading to Melbourne for a short while. Sini is flying home in less than a week, and suffice to say, she’s pretty excited. What can I tell you about this place?


Its rural NSW and somewhere between what I consider outback and what you might consider just an Australian version of rural Canada. I can safely say the next big town (30,000 people) is about 1.5 hours away. We are halfway between Spring Ridge and Premer, both of which only have primary schools (about 25 kids) and one pub each. YAY. The area is pretty sparse for amusement, so we try to make do on days off (you’ll see what I mean later). The good thing about Premer Pub is there is a jackaroo/jillaroo backpacker school nearby that comes in on Wednesdays. We’ve had the opportunity to meet some internationals for a bit of social time, and last Friday managed to head over to their locale for a few drinks and fun.


Our days are pretty standard… we usually start at 8, work until 10:30 and have some morning tea. We then work until lunch at 1. Depending if its hot, we may break until 3 or keep right at it until 530ish. Since our boss’ wife left for about a month, we switched cooking, and whoever wasn’t got the afternoon off. That was fair…but I will just say it was interesting, being alone with just our boss. We were happy when his wife came back. We met a few locals in town our age (read: 3) who we hung out with for awhile, but I will say, it didn’t turn out to be all the country hospitality you might imagine. Such a shame, but we’re leaving soon anyways. Memories.


We usually get two days off per week and don’t know what to do with ourselves… this weekend past Sini wanted a ‘nature day’ so we went out to pick stinging nettles, and flowers for a bouquet. She made us stinging nettle soup, which was oddly delicious, and cheese/tuna baked flatbreads. Yum. She was going to teach me how to make jewellery out of the extra sheep wool our boss gave us, but no go. We tried, anyway. There’s a pool here which is nice on hot days. We usually like to stay in our cottage and enjoy what free private time we have. I must say I never watched any TV until we moved here… now I’m a couch potato in the evenings.


The shearers arrived tonight to do a week’s worth of shearing. We will be mustering, counting, and drafting 1600 sheep this week! Talk about busy. I must say I’m pretty jubilant about leaving on Friday.

It has been a good and unique experience that not many people will say they’ve had, working on a sheep or cattle farm in outback Australia… when it rains, it’s a transformation. Very beautiful land and I hope my pictures reflect it when I finally get home. I do notice absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I’m ready for home, when that time comes. I won’t mind living at home again, and doing the quiet Canadian thing, for awhile…but ive done this work so I can come back. We get our 88 days which means I hopefully get my second year visa. It’s been rough, and isolated, and long days, but worth it =)


Now that I know I’m dwindling down to the last two months here, I start to also think back on the past 10 months and all it’s meant for me. Such adventures. Such wonderful people. Such interesting and challenging school-teaching experiences. The best part is I came over here and did it on my own. Even though I’m broke, I wouldn’t take any of this back for the world. I only think it’s the beginning of a lifetime of travel… unfortunately, trips aren’t free, so back to Canada I will go to hopefully find a job in the summertime, and beyond that, who knows.

Also, I will really miss our pet calf, Lotus, who I took care of every day. Isn’t she cuuuuuute?


Email me to keep in touch, or facebook! You know where I am, sort of!

And thanks to those who chat to me every day, you keep me sane. Those who’ve written me, you’re the best.




Love from Melbourne again soon enough!


Kristy xx


One thought on “Gum trees and counting sheep

  1. Hey hey,

    Glad to see you’re still going strong! How’s the foot? Better now? I’m always amazed by the fact how much more ,people from other countries, see of my own backyard!

    Good luck with the farm work, it’s hard work but worthy. Keep posting!

    – Nigel

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