Steam Trains and Footy Games



I’m hoping to make more updates in times to come, for others, but also for myself, since I can’t seem to be bothered to write in my journal on a regular basis. I’m feeling increasingly restless these days, which might be why I tried to keep myself as busy as possible lately. I’ll be laying low this week, given my impending trip (yay!), but I’m ever hopeful for good weather and the term holiday.

I would say a recent highlight would be making two new friends, Jon and Joe. We’ve gotten together a lot to explore Richmond, the city, and namely Luna Night Market at Queen Vic. Think mulled wine, entertainment, a haven for foodies and gastronomes. 


I’m starting to become a regular for trivia with a great Aussie guy named Jarred. They play at B East in Melbourne and it has a really funky vibe. I keep saying I want to meet more ‘locals’ and this seems a nice way – he’s got some great friends. 

Last weekend involved not one, but two footy games, which was excellent. Collingwood vs West Coast got us right down to the bottom level for the game – thanks Tara! Saturday was Essendon vs Carlton, which was tied to the very end  – such a riveting game! I love that I can walk from my home in Richmond and be at the MCG in ten minutes.

Thanks to a friend here, we went to go see Cavalia this week. It was spectacular, three rows from the stage. Think horses, acrobatics, beautiful music and imagery. Very happy I got to experience this since normally tickets are very expensive! 



For those in melbourne, I must say that Kojo Brown in Richmond must be one of my new favourite cafes. Located on Bridge Rd, I went with my friend this weekend and had a breakfast hot pot for 13$. Scrumptious. A must-check! We did the Richmond market, and I’m keen to see others, but Queen Vic is definitely where it’s at.

Sunday involved a trip out to Belgrave at the end of the line, to take us to Puffing Billy.



I think its mostly meant for children and families, but with Joe along that pretty much made sense (har har). We took the train out to Lakeside, a quaint little park with a few walking tracks. It’s a dense forest – so the best views are far and few between, but it’s still fun to dangle your feet out the sides and be reminded how much history the train line has.

It was, all in all, an afternoon of laughs, and chance to get out of the city. We have now named an unknown species of bird Dr. Strangebeak, I now know my friend has a serious fear of birds, and we have discovered a few interesting Australian trademarks:1174574_10151651560793165_136042605_n (1)

Can’t have a gaytime alone, obviously.

I am now officially teaching at my school until the end of December. We’re not sure when the other teacher is returning, and I’m stressed out about parents starting to ask… but I love the school, find the teachers very supportive, and love how close it is to my home. My focus is Sydney now for the next trip, and trying to stop spending so much money so I can actually go somewhere… it really is seriously tempting, living in the city.

Melbourne feels more and more like home these days, but I always think of you at home.

Love from Melbourne



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