Is winter over yet…

Feels weird to think that for those of us Canadians who moved here in April/May, this is month ten of winter we’re entering. Yes, it’s not the blistering winter we are used to, but there are still some very cold days. It’s a different kind of cold. Here I thought I would never need a winter jacket. It’s been raining a lot lately, gusting winds, and it can change really quicky. Four seasons in a day seems very true right now.apt


It’s about 3-4 weeks since the last post. There have been a few significant changes, but life is still on a steady flow. Terianne and I finally moved out of our apartment in Carlton last week. I must say I will miss the location (beside Queen Vic market), and her, but that’s about it. I’ve since moved to an apartment in Richmond. It’s a great location, near Swan st, which has a lot of good cafes, bars and restaurants. I’m a five minute walk from the train, and the tram is right outside my door to take me to work. It’s pretty new, and I’m living with a photographer and designer for Breadtop, who moves in next week.

I was luckily given two weeks of school in a year 1/2 class teaching French and French math all day, at one of Melbourne’s few bilingual schools. After the two weeks were up, I managed to get a week in 3/4… which became two… which is now until the end of August. I’m lead to believe the teacher may not come back before break, which would give me another 2-3 weeks work. I’m finding it a bit stressful right now, being in the position of planning and handling the teacher’s workload, and not being familiar with the Australian curriculum, or a year 4 class, but I’m making do. There are a few nice teachers at the school, and the principals seem pretty supportive. Like I said, I don’t mind the 20 minute tram ride either.

On the adventure front, thanks to a friend here, a bunch of us (maybe 15?) are going camping in the outback for a few days! Uluru! That big red stone you usually see when you think Australia or watch infomercials. I think it’ll be a great experience, made even better by the fact that I’ll be with so many great people.

Uluru/ Ayers rock
Uluru/ Ayers rock

I’m also getting set to book a trip for September holiday. Starting in Sydney, flying to Brisbane, then doing Gold Coast/Surfer’s Paradise, hopefully Noosa, and a tour of Fraser Island. A friend of mine here has agreed to go it together and I can’t wait! Just a matter of putting the money in order.

There are a core group of people I love hanging out with, but you meet new people every once in awhile too. We go for coffees, trivia nights, dinners, the same stuff as back home. I went to my first MCG footy game this weekend and could walk home, which was fab. I feel like time is flying so quickly, and that 8 months will not be enough… but that’s something to discuss further down the line. For now, glad I’m working, liking the new home, and looking forward to traveling again.




Miss you all,

with Love from Melbourne xx


One thought on “Is winter over yet…

  1. Hi Kristy….Wow, good for you girl, what a wonderful experience for you,looks amazing. Also looks like you have a good core of friends which is very important. We miss seeing you we saw Len at camp a few ago and we talking about you, your Mom and Len are pretty proud of your accomplishments. and rightfully so. we are too Kristy, it just seems we met you at 10 years old and now look at you!!!! Way to go girl!!!! We have been very busy this summer with all the grandchildren they are all growing, lots of fun. We have been to camp 4 times going for 1 days in Sept. I think your Mom and Len will be up there so we will be visiting with them as always, good fun. We have been making pickles, picking blueberries for the winter, and all that fun stuff….. I really enjoy reading your updates, good job on that Kristy….. We Love You and miss seeing you Kristy but keep up the good work, this is an experience of a lifetime and you are doing it girl…..We will keep chatting with you….
    Take Care of yourself, and be the BEST YOU CAN BE…… LOVE KEN AND LINDA XOXOXOXO

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