The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page…

Hello folks. Nothing too exciting to report at the moment, but on the cusp of some fun adventures!

I had been debating traveling on the school holiday pretty much since I got here…I find I love complaining about money, the having it, not having it, having to use it, or not be able to use it… this subject seems to be the cause of many ills for many people I know, both in Australia and in my pre-travel days. However, when I considered the idea of spending two weeks in Melbourne alone (yes, tis a fair city to be sure…) while everyone was on holiday, it didn’t make sense to me. I came here to work, but moreso travel, and if I stayed, I would waste my money eating out and drinking fancy coffees. I can do that anytime, and the next holiday isn’t until september, so… LAST MINUTE TRIP TO QUEENSLAND, HOLLA!!

It seemed Karmic as I made the decision to seize the day and go travel on my birthday… the day I got the message from our agency saying I’d gotten a 2-week contract for after the break 🙂 Yes! It’s only two weeks, but I get to teach french all day er’day to two year one classes. Great school, awesome location, even close to a friend I’ve met… so with those two weeks of guaranteed work, I told myself no better time to do a little exploring.


I’ll be heading up to Cairns wednesday (two days!!) and staying at a hostel on the esplanade. I’ve found out my friend Natalie will be joining me for a few days AND on the falla reef trip (voted #4 on tripadvisor, my dad would be so proud) … it’s the only pearl lugger on the reef and should make for a relaxed, awesome reef day trip. I then have a one day tour in Cape Tribulation and on the Daintree river where one can hope to possibly see some crocodiles…RAWR! I actually don’t even know what sound they make. Anyways, Sunday night will be an overnight greyhound to Airlie Beach and….



the whitsundays. If you’re one of my closer friends, you’ll already have been made to watch annoying travel videos about this place. I’ve been dreaming about it all year, and going on a sailboat has been on my bucket list for EONS. I cannot explain how excited I am to take a 2-day sailing tour of the whitsundays!! That will have be back into Airlie beach for Thursday night. I’ve signed up for some seakayaking friday to round off my trip. Image

I fly back home sunday from Mackay where I might do a little touring. All in all, a short but sweet adventure, made on a whim! I’m normally such a worrier and a planner, but I’m so intimidated/excited to do this trip on my own! With Natalie of course.

Other than that… I celebrated my 24th bday down under last weekend. That was fab. Some friends came over for drinks and even surprised me with a cake 🙂 On the actual day I just went out for free comedy…still very enjoyable.




So that’s it in a nutshell… today we’re off to celebrate Canada Day at the Wharf hotel in Melbourne. Canadian drinks, foods, even beaver tails apparently! I’ve got my canadian flag which I may opt to tie around my body… tomorrow will be last minute travel preparations, and wednesday is off to sunshine and water!! 

Hope everyone is well and happy holidays back home!

With love from Melbourne,



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