Hibernation Mode

Hello all (or few, depending who actually reads this… I’m interesting, I swear…)

I sadly don’t have too much in the way of updates, but I feel that shall be the way of the winter for me here in melbourne. At every school I go to, I ask other teachers where people travel and what people do for fun… Just because it is winter, does not mean the fun has to end! Work was slow for me, and I also have the serious inability to not go out with friends, even for small things (think coffee, the odd drink, which adds up scarily) which leads to my most likely not going on holiday in July. Sad face. But STILL – I would like to go somewhere, even if for a weekend jaunt. But NO, no! they tell me- it’s… WINTER. Like their winter compares to anything like this: Image


Which, FYI, it does not. However, it’s been raining and miserable the past few days, and I hear it is typical in the winter here. I feel it in my bones, (that’s a Tegan and Sara song) and it makes you not want to go out at night. Thus, listening to 30’s-50’s oldies tunes and sipping tea whilst I write to you. Sometimes it really is the only thing to do.

We got luckier last weekend. I was suuuuuuper sick, and am just getting over it now, but would not let it stop me. We went to Mornington Peninsula on the Saturday and the weather was lovely! Cape Shanck is gorgeous. 

http://instagram.com/p/aVDhpmB4kq/ you can see a picture here, and a few others from Melb days.



Great views right? It made for a nice trip. We also went to Philips island! We managed to score front row seats to the show – the show being tons of little penguins running up from the sea at night to nest. With the stars out, it felt romantic. Cue deep sigh. But it was just as great with the people I went with 🙂 


We went hiking in the Dandenong Ranges on the Sunday, but it was pretty much DEATH UP HILL…. STEEP DOWN HILL… repeat. I felt a bit bad, but thankfully since we’re all Canadians and everyone is so nice, no one told me how horrible my idea was. Monday I went out to St Kilda and simply went for a walk in the sun with my friend Vanessa. I watched the sunset with a cider and relaxed… it really makes a difference, being in the sun. I love Luna Park and its old style rides as well!

This week, not much to report. I’m working a bit and battling the cold. Tomorrow will be my official first footy game! Exciting. I’m liking the 1/2 primary classes I’m getting. Today they made me a nice card. I did NOT like my walmart bag breaking on the way to work, and making an embarrassing mess on the streets of Rosanna. It does not pay to be cheap.

Ok folks, time to go out and listen to the stylings of a PEI violinist. Yup! A canadian here knows him from back home and organised a group outing for some free music. I love the little (but growing) family of Canadians here. Nice to have people to call!

So, all in all, kind of tired, VERY cold (my roommates are against heating… don’t ask) , praying for warm weather, missing you, but still enjoying myself.

Keep in touch!

From Melbs with love xx


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