Residential Status

Hello all,

so this friday (tomorrow) will mark a month that I’ve been in Melbourne. It feels both like a long time, and like no time has passed at all. Minus the trip to the Great Ocean Road, I haven’t done much sightseeing yet, and I’m getting antsy in terms of getting beyond the city limits and doing more exploring.

I’m not to happy at the moment given that I’ve succumbed to a sickness I no doubt caught from one of the teachers I’ve been replacing. This morning I’m hopped up on benadryl, drowning in tea, and knee-deep in losenges, but nothing seems to help right now. Still, being sick is akin to not working here, so I’m about to head into a school, sniffles and cough and all. Maybe it’s not fair, but the idea of not making money is worse (personally). It’s picked up a little bit work-wise…Week 1 was one day, Wk2 was 2 days, then last week was full (yes!) and so far 3.5 for this week. I’m starting to get called into the same schools a few times, which I like. Even though I’m secondary certified, I’ve only been doing primary, and surprisingly, I really like it. The kids actually listen to you for the most part, they want to answer questions, they want to show you their work. It’s refreshing after teaching core french to kids who’d rather text their boyfriends and talk about after-school parties then bothering listening to the teacher.

Yesterday was a prep class (kindergarten), and I must say, kudos to all you kinder teachers out there… as much as kids like tattling on each other and are needy, prep is a whole new ballgame. I couldn’t even think for 5 seconds without a kid running up to me with some question. Still, there are small rewards that make it worthwhile. 


I got a few hand-made drawings and little hugs on my way out which I can’t say I’ve ever gotten before. 🙂


We were supposed to go to Sydney this weekend, 9 Canadians stuffed into 2 Australian cars, but a lot of people decided it wasn’t the best time financially. Lo and behold, a long weekend. I’m not sure what to do yet but hoping I can figure out some plans. I’d love to go on a hike or head out to yarra or mornington peninsula. I know it’s ‘winter’, but nothing like what we have back home, and hate that people won’t go because of it…perhaps it’s a trek best made solo.

Other than that, there hasn’t been too much excitement… I meet random people a lot which I like, as it never happened back home. I’ve met nice Germans, dutch, a few french, english, etc, and asians galore. I have yet to meet some great Australians! Seems odd.

Life is going well here, but I have my eye on our July holiday. Terianne and I are thinking of heading up to Cairns, but we have to keep an eye on our bank accounts and see how feasible it is. I can’t say I’d mind five days on the beach after two months of rain and cloud here!

Last weekend was a chill weekend, involving drinks, korean bbq with the Canadians, and a bar of full of where’s waldo’s (which they call Wally here). I am definitely so thankful for my Canadian crew! We also went to see great gatsby, in theatres that are much roomier with much better seats. Thanks Melbourne!



Love you all,

please please – if you so choose- write me!! I will reply, and it’s a nice thing to come home to.

Kristy Chown, 6/52 Leicester St, Carlton VIC, 3053 Australia

Love from Melbs



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