Great Ocean Road

Hello all!

So this weekend I did the Great Ocean Road and Grampians with the teachers from Anzuk Canada. We met at 7am on Saturday and headed out of the city into the wild.

We passed through Anglesea and Lorne and got some great photos. The weather was rainy Saturday, but when it mattered, the sun came out. We saw the iconic 12 Apostles as well as The salt and pepper landforms jutting out of the water. I wish my crappy digital camera could portray the landscapes as beautiful as it was. We had a lot of fun stopping at a famous koala spotting site, but the best part was the parrots in the trees! They attacked our friend Brad since he had an apple and we were there for a good half hour, letting the birds land on our arms and feet. Such cute chirping too :)


All of these photos you can see on my photobucket link below!

After the koalas, we went for lunch in Apollo Bay. We stopped for a short rainforest hike which was absolutely gorgeous. Loch Ard Gorge was another great photo op, and we had fun hanging out at the beach.



We had to make a 2 hour drive to Halls Gap where we would be staying for the night. AS you enter Grampians park you see kangaroos EVERYWHERE!! The guide Campbell had never seen people so excited to see the kangaroos before. Our hostel bunks were cabins made for 6-8 people. We all gathered together in one bunk and listened to music, hung out, etc. I think we went to bed close to 2am and woke up at 630… only to be followed by a tough 2 hr hike through the Grampians. Troopers for sure. Image


Sunday was the pinnacle Grampians hike. The views were beyond compare and I hope I never forget. It was pretty treacherous in some parts so you really had to watch your footing. We were exhausted by the waterfall hike at the end of the day… I feel like we accomplished so much, given our late night and all that we’d been doing.Image


There were many little jokes and things I could tell you about but basically, the Great Ocean road is beautiful, and if you ever come, it is a must-see. We saw so many kangaroos and walked right up to them. This is such a beautiful area of the country and I hope to discover more, once I start working. I had to go out and buy new necessities today so I’m watching money run through fingers like water… working will make the difference, so fingers crossed for a Day 2 of teaching when I call the agency later this afternoon.

I’m also realizing that we are spoiled back home with our grocery stores. Maybe it’s because I’m downtown, but getting a few things at Coles last night while I’m staying at my friends place was sad. They have so few aisles, so little selection, and even their produce isn’t much to speak of. I’m glad to be living near QV market for a month or two since they have a wide range of produce that I can use to hopefully start making some simple salads or vegetarian meals. I’m going to have to think about how to cook reasonable food without breaking the bank and still enjoying it. Challenge accepted.

For now, that’s it. Hoping I get called to work so I can actually start putting money into the account. Had a fantastic weekend bonding with the Canadian teachers here, and thankful for the little family that exists here!


Much love,


PS — photobucket link to be added soon!


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