First Week in Aussieland

Hey all!

So it’s been quite a week here in Melbourne…

things definitely ‘slowed down’ after the initial weekend of touring and getting set up. Terianne and I went to go see a few apartments during our hunting that really let us down (think 8 people in an apartment, weed on the table, beer cans everywhere), but we didn’t have to wait long to find a place that suits us. We’ll be doing a twin share room for a few months until her boyfriend comes to Australia, so for the time being, it’s okay. We’ll be right beside Queen Victoria Market (google it!) which isn’t that exceptional save for the fact that I plan on going saturday afternoons to buy my produce there. I can’t wait to be back to a normal eating schedule. It’s so hard not to eat out – it’s everywhere! We bought a few groceries but even then… Yesterday after work we decided to try a hole in the wall (well, alley) pizza venue – … it was delish!! But again, everything comes with a price. A heavy price, usually.

So as I was saying, I’ll be living in Carlton officially for the next two months. If you want my address, please ask, and mail things. If you know me you know I LOVE MAIL. I will also return the favour. Tonight will be my last night in the hostel. I’m taking my things over to my friend Vanessa’s and waking up early to take a 2-day tour of GREAT OCEAN ROAD AND THE GRAMPIANS! WOO! I’m going with my friend from Queen’s and some other Canadian teachers. Look it up here:

I think it’ll be a great time!! The other big news is that yesterday was my first day of work!! I got called at 8:05 am and had to be running to the train in minutes to head out to a place called Caulfield Junior College. I sub taught a Year 2 immersion class – which is not like our immersion back home. These kids all/mostly have French parents from France… their french was amazing, their accents better than mine! I must say it was fairly nuts. I got called a few names, and those kids had to be sent to another teacher’s room at lunch… it wasn’t a horrible day, and in fact, there were some cute moments. What I had not realized about primary teaching is 1) they love to tattle on each other 2) they become friends and break friendships every 5 minutes 3) they all want your attention! I made an activity hoping they would sit and work for a little while… even to ask them to sit and raise their hand when done doesn’t work… they all run to you to show them your examples. I wish my core french kids had been that passionate.

I probably should have wanted work today, but I was out late last night getting to know a German Masters student here in the city. I love making random friends and acquaintances. Terianne and I ate dinner with a nice Kiwi guy who joined us after our RSA course (oh – I took a course like our smartserving here, in case I want part time work… I may think of applying just for extra hours or money on the side) and I’ve met a nice Australian police officer who promises to let me come to one of his local footy games. Can’t wait to meet more people.

It’s a rainy day and I don’t have too many prospects today, but I’m going to print off some documents, drop off a resume, and go for a yarra jog again… or look for a cheap drop-in gym. All this eating out has been hard not just on my wallet 😉

The Melbourne CBD is great, but it’s the people and experiences that make it. I may head to the botanical gardens solo today if no one is around. I don’t mind solo time, it’s that everything has a cost over here. I’m sure may 24 weekend back home will be spectacular, but at least I’ll be out with some Canadians on tour. Hope everyone is well!

With love from Melbourne,


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