First love note…

Hi all. I’ll be starting a blog and posting when I can to keep friends and fam updated on life in Melbourne! I don’t want to fall off the map, but with the time difference, it’s going to be hard to keep in touch with as many people as I’d like to! Most of you should know my mobile here, but email me if you want – I get it to my phone. And there’s always facebook. Anyways, here’s the first update for Melbourne. =)


I left Toronto Wednesday night after catching up with some of my closest girlfriends. Major shoutout to Nikki,  Sabrina, Jill for making time for me, and Natalie for putting me up for a few days! I met Terianne at the airport, who is also a teacher working with Anzuk. We’ve been tackling Melbourne together since arriving Friday morning, and I’m definitely glad I didn’t do this alone. We’re staying at a hostel on Flinders Lane which is really cool – nearby is Degraves street which is dotted with a myriad of outside cafes, restaurants, etc. There’s really interesting street art too. We feel spoiled being in the CBD. There are amenities EVERYWHERE – but it’s so expensive here!! Rent is crazy. You can’t find any takeaway under 12-13$ really. A pint of beer is 10-12$, etc. The minimum wage is higher here which is good, but after having to buy a phone and three days of eating out, I’d like to start working.


The Yarra river is really close to Flinders Station and the downtown core. It’s beautiful. We’ve seen Fed Square, and walked around the CBD a million times. I already love the city. We had two days of gorgeous weather and decided to check out Queen Victoria Market yesterday.  It’s quite something, and absolutely huge. At 2:45pm before it closes it turns into an auction and people yell like wildfire – “whole case of avocados for 2$!” Going at the end of the day is the best way to get cheap produce, and I know I’ll be going back again.


We’ve gone out both nights and already I have some stories. Terianne and I make a good team =) We’ve met the other Canadian teachers here with Anzuk and everyone is so nice! We’ve met some locals too. Melbourne is such a melting pot, there are SO many cultures. I’ve also found one of the best asian restaurants I’ve ever been to.  Tomorrow is our interview with ANZUK. I really hope we start working soon since it is so expensive to live here. We’ve been looking for homes too but no such luck. We’ll try again tomorrow.


So, all in all, Melbourne is great, but I’ll feel better when I have a place to call ‘home’. Our hostel is in a good location but I’d like to unpack! Also, Australian coins are wacked out here. The 50 cent coin is MASSIVE – and the 2$ is so tiny. Frustrating!!  Anyways, will try to update more when I can. Love love love it here! Not missing home yet, but missing some of its great people J


From Melbourne with Love,




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